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We specialize in residential, commercial exterior and interior painting. We have successfully completed over a hundred of exterior painting jobs on both old and new buildings, apartments, houses, offices, restaurants, schools, colleges and factories. While the exterior painting is differs from interior painting, you can be sure exterior painting project will be handles with almost care with complete satisfaction The first step to painting well is to prepare your surface Clean the surface thoroughly to remove dirt, chalk, dust and residual particles of previous paint This can be done by scraping your walls with a wire brush and jet washing with water.

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Decorating your child’s bedroom is no easy task While it can begin as a great opportunity for self-expression for your son or daughter, the project can quickly grow to a battle between fun and function. Recently we transformed two bedrooms in just two days with help from Khan Painter Using these guidelines you can create a fantastic-looking bedroom that meets your child’s needs All set to apply the top coat for greater protection and better finish, we applies at least two coats of paint on vertical surfaces For horizontal surfaces like parapets, sun-shades and ledges we recommend three coats and apply three coats of paint for darker shades as well.

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We presents with a wide variety of wall fashion shades and design. Bring your house more alive with wall fashion We have well experienced professional who can bring these designs the way you dream With our clients based all over Delhi and other region, we have been able to maintain proximity with clients and offer them elegant work as per their specific requirements Our team will showcase wide varieties of kid’s design to their client According to their client needs and budget, we will prepare wall designs is a creative way to personalize your child’s bedroom Being a quality company, we make sure that the quality of our Interior Painting and Exterior Painting, Polishing Services, POP Work, matches those with the international standards To ensure high degree of quality, we check the raw material regularly on various parameters such as durability and high resistance power Most of competitive were single brand providers and thus we are offering multiple brands according to their client requirement and budget. During conversation with best interior designer, there is a need in expert consultation in painting, designs and creative new patterns/textures.

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we are interior decorating firm, we provide all kind of interior and exterior work services in Delhi and NCR, we have long experience in Interior work.
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